Herb Plants


BIOAGE - The Age of Advanced Organics
(BIO from the French: biologique for organic / AGE - the age of organics)

  • Wellness is found in nature - we try to provide what nature already offers

  • It's best to leave food the way nature made it

  • With creative combinations, we can obtain broadness, balance and greater synergies

Fitness with BioSuperfood

The BIOSUPERFOOD (BSF) formulas are whole food products composed of four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth. Each formula delivers a different nutritional value. The products are presented in vegetable capsules that are easy to swallow and practical to use. The formulas offers superior nutritional support for the immune system, as well as increased vitality for healthy aging; they are also recommended as a replacement for some supplements and vitamins and as an advanced nutritional support for athletes.​


Known benefits:

  • Antioxidants are known to help increase immune system*

  • Good nutrients may contribute to better mood and sense of well-being*

  • May increase protein uptake*

  • Nutritional support may help with muscle mass gained to remain longer*

  • Energy derived from nutrients may increase endurance and stamina*

  • May support faster recovery from exertion*

  • May help in reducing stress due to a balanced mood*

  • Taking frequently may help with balance of blood-sugar level*

  • Natural energy boost*

  • Sport legal as a natural green super food

  •  $45 - 60 capsules  or $125 - 180 capsules