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How to Define and Reach your Goals?

I bet most of you coming to my site are looking for an answer to better health. How do I accomplish the goal and figure out how to control my weight, find more energy or find motivation? Most people start off every year with the New Year’s Resolution with a goal to lose weight, change their eating habits. To help you define and reach your goals, I want to start by offering the idea that health is not a goal. I know that sounds crazy since you probably started off 2016 with a goal of getting healthy: to lose weight, to try yoga, get back to the gym or cook more at home. Health is really a launch pad, a vehicle that starts the process of feeling good, having clarity and vision to get you ready to work toward your goals.

My job as a Health Coach is to help you clear the path of all things that are preventing you from reaching your.... Goals.

So if health is not the goal- what is it that you are looking for?

You are looking for your ideal life, your purpose. The goal is the big picture or vision you have in life. It could be an idea that you have had since you were young like owning your own business or living in a house on the beach. Whatever that vision is for you of an ideal life, know that you will have this yearning to find your purpose until you die. It will evolve and change as you go through different stages in life. It may get put on hold while you are in school, starting a family or putting kids through college. If you strive to live an authentic life, to live with the intention of connecting to yourself, being present in your mind and body then the question will continue to come up. The challenge then becomes how do I define what is my purpose and what do I want out of life?

You can start the process by simply sitting down with a piece of paper or even open your notes app on your phone and start writing down what you want out of life. Make a list of all the areas in your life you would like would like to define and set a goal.

After you set the goal, write down what activity is going to help you achieve the big picture.

Let me give you an example:

You might write as your goal that at the end of 3 months, you want to have a consistent meditation practice 3 times a week. My question to you is why? Your answer might be that you want to feel calmer throughout your day and have more patience with your family. To translate - So the goal is not to meditate, the goal is to be more calm and patient. I would then ask you- what prevents you from being calm or patient? Your answer could be what you need to master or eliminate from your life. If it is something that you cannot simply eliminate then meditation would be the means to help you achieve being calm.

How does this simple exercise help you find your ideal life or purpose in life? As you work through the challenges in front of you and become more connected to your true essence it will become clearer what you are truly striving for in life.

I am living proof of this process. I have always felt like I knew there was a purpose to my life but I couldn't seem to find my direction. I waited for a long time for something to come to me, a sign. I have been holding the sign since I was 15 years old, I just wasn't reading it. My sign was my autoimmune disease, Vitiligo, the Michael Jackson disease. A disease where the pigment is eating iself and leaving patches of skin with no color. My first spot appeard when I was 15 and it has progressed to a point where every summer I experience anxiety about bathing suit weather because the spots are visible. Long story short, as a result of trying to find a way to heal my body and not recieving any help from the Physcians I was seeing, I searched outside of conventional Western Medical thought. This diesease as well as a few other health issues I have been dealing with for a long time were really the motivation to read, research and ultimately become a Health Coach. I have worked hard to learn how to help heal the body from the choices of nourishment I put into my mouth to the impact of the practice of yoga and breath work. My work is not done with myself, I am not cured and I still have symptons that I deal with every day. I know that I will never give up trying to live my best life and hope to share what I find with others.

If you are striving to find your ideal life and would like to work with someone who will help guide and cultivate a conversation with yourself- then schedule an Initial Health History under the Programs Tab. It is complimentary and even better than that it could be the catalyst towards finding your true purpose in life.

Feel free to send me a comment on the contact page, and like me on Facebook!



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