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Whole Body Wellness and Yoga- Guest Teacher Sara Impriano

Hello Yogis,

I am excited to have Sara teach her first studio class at Whole Body! She attended a yoga teacher training during the pandemic and is ready to hold space for students. As a student, I have observed her understanding of the asanas (poses) and how to listen to her individual needs during her practice. She is energetic, positive, and knowledgeable on the different aspects of the practice of yoga. I hope you can join the class at 9:30 am tomorrow morning along with myself as a student!

You can sign up on the website, and reach out if you have any questions!

New schedule is Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 9:30 am.

Remember the Sound Bath Yoga class is on the first Sunday of every month and our next one is Sunday March 6th. Details on the website.

Thank you for being apart of this wonderful community of individuals who come to the mat!



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