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Yoga at Home

One-on-One Private Yoga Therapy or Small Group Sessions:

The private yoga experience is for both the brand-new student or the advanced yogi. The ability to learn in a non-intimidating environment about the physical practice (asana), meditation, breathing practice (pranayama) is tailored to the individual needs. If you have an injury and need modifications, want to use yoga as a part of your healing journey, have tight hamstrings and crave a focused class or are dealing with stress and want to learn how to meditate, the choice is yours. The private sessions will offer you the tools to be confident, resilient and to tune into to what your mind and body crave in an individual or class setting. 

Small Group Sessions:

Group yoga sessions are an excellent way to celebrate something special - family vacations, weddings, birthday parties, to train for a race or for a sport specific team. These sessions can be held in a studio or in a setting of your choice. 

Have participants with special needs?

Contact me to work privately or in a small group setting.

Private for 1 participant: 

1 hour $125.00

Small Group 2-8 participants: 

*Price dependent on travel time, mileage, and number of students.

Packages are available when booking a series of sessions. 

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60 minute sessions are set to upbeat music and will get your hear rate up, all while working the whole body with low impact movement. Designed for all levels, Barre Fusion combines yoga, Pilates and ballet moves to give you beautiful sculpted and lean muscles. Ballet moves incorporate isometric exercises to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups: upper body with light free weights, ballet barre or floor exercises that focus on thighs and seat, followed by core, back extensions and stretching to lengthen the body. Props are used in this class and could include: resistance bands, exercise balls, gliders, yoga blocks, and weighted bars.

SUP Yoga:

If you love nature, being on the water and getting a great workout, then Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is something to try. I teach classes at Marsh Creek State Park, Downingtown, PA. She is Red Cross certified lifeguard, Paddle Fit/SUP certified and has been teaching SUP for 7 years.


*If you are new to this practice and would like to learn in my pool, a private can be arranged. This is a great way to get comfortable with the paddle board before going out on to the water.  



for more information or to schedule a session. 


Cancellations without 24-hour advance notice will be

subject to 100% of appointment contract.


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