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Nutrition and Healthy Living:

I create interactive workshops around topics of nutrition and healthy living that engage and empower employees. These customizable programs are designed to offer positive choices in creating healthy eating habits, stress  management, physical activity and overall improvement in quality of life. I offer one-on-one and group coaching programs that include: accountability, meditation, cooking demonstrations, food shopping strategies and meal planning. These programs can be run onsite, via email or Skype.

Exercise & Physical Development:
Yoga, Barre and Functional Movement :

I can create a physical development program that best fits the needs of the company culture. Mind/Body programs including yoga, chair yoga, meditation, Barre, pilates, functional movement and breathing techniques. These offerings can help reduce daily stress and create a positive company culture.


Self Care, Emotional Well Being and
Community Support:

There are multiple ways and levels to achieving better health & wellness for the individual and the group. There are also different ways of learning and motivating. I can provide your team with Health Event Planning to promote the values of Self Care. Think anything wellness - group fitness challenges, food shopping tours, stress relief massages, run clubs, cooking demonstrations, partnering with other practitioners and experts in the local community. 

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