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Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, a time of gratitude, a time to come together to strengthen the bonds of family and friends and to appreciate and accept our differences. I think this Thanksgiving is a perfectly timed opportunity to come together as a nation and to remind ourselves and each other of just how amazing it is to be alive in 2016! We may still be trying to come to terms with the election, recover from all the lost sleep, adjust to the time change, (way too many hours in the dark), or just trying to keep up with our busy lives!

As a Health Coach, whether I am teaching a yoga class or working with an individual client I am trying to show that there are many different limbs of achieving Whole Body Wellness! Taking the time to relax, recharge, rediscover and reconnect are all ways that you can make this Thanksgiving a special time! Focus more on having fun as a family unit or friends and less on the food! Don’t get me wrong the food is important but it is secondary to the experience.

I will be sharing as many healthy entrees and sides that I can get my hands on before the holidays! Check out my posts on Facebook and Instagram. I will include a link to each recipe so that you can share with others, print and get cooking!

I hope you reconnect to who and what you are Thankful for in your life! I am so grateful to have family coming together to spend time, share laughs, play lots of card games and of course watch hockey games!

Happy Thanksgiving friends and peace to you and your loved ones-


which translates into- The light in me honors and adores the light in you..

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