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According to an article from Huffington Post in 2016, only 8% of the population actually achieve their New Year's Resolution. That is a high rate of failure for those trying to make changes in their lives. To be even more specific, 40% of Americans declare them and over 30% are weight related. If that is the case, why do we fall for this idea every year that January is the best time to set a goal and to achieve it?

I don't buy into it and haven't for a few years, since I became a Health Coach. I agree having goals and creating accountability, for myself and for my clients, is an important step in making healthy positive changes. I also believe that we need to create an atmosphere where we can be successful. A resolution is a declarative statement that creates an all or nothing approach. I have had success using the Priority List approach- I take time on December 31st to give myself some quiet time with my journal to write down any areas of my life that I want focus on. Some years my list has been quite long and I give myself a time frame to work on the goal. Other years, the goal is open ended because it is an area I want to develop, but I don't quite have it all figured out. Either way can work and gives time and space to break down the goal into achievable steps. When I have my list set, I type it out in bold letters and put it in a place that I can see and be reminded of my focus. Fast forward to the end of the year, you can look back at your list and evaluate if you achieved some or all the areas you wanted to focus on. You can be proud of the space you created for learning and problem solving and feel good that you didn't give up after a few days or weeks on yourself!!!

Don't be afraid to take some time today to focus on yourself. find a piece of paper or go to the store and buy yourself a journal.

Set some goals and if there is an area that you haven't found success yet-Ask for help that is what a Health Coach does!

I am just a phone call or a click away. Go onto my website and schedule a free 30 minute consultation to discuss what areas you want to be successful in this new year!

I hope you have a Happy and Safe New Year's Eve!

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